Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pandan Mountain in Aceh Tamiang

Pandan Mountain located in Kabupaten Aceh Tamiang, Exactly in Kampung Selamat Kecamatan Tenggulun. This located is very beautiful places, and so far from noise of city and also noise of cars, factory and many more.

From Kuala Simpang to Pandan Mountain need time estimate 2-3 hours by car and if you use motorcycle you will more faster. The access to Pandan Mountain is not to bad, cause the road still use ground road, and when the dray season so many dust.
To get this located from Kuala Simpang we must use owner vehicle, or we can rent the car in Kuala Simpang, never mind, you will forget it when you arrived in Pandan Mountain, why ? cause Pandan Mountain is a beautiful place and tranquillity place. But when you have arrived in there, please dont shock, why ? cause Pandan Mountain is not Mountain, there are just like a Hill. But the name of the hill is Pandan Mountain. But you will not disappoint if you have arrived to located.

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