Friday, March 9, 2012

Aceh Singkil

Aceh Singkil

Regency of Aceh Singkil that is capitalized in Singkil City is located in 2020 -300 North Latitude 97004 -98012 with area of 3,578 cubic kilometers. It is adjancent to Southeast Aceh in the north, Indoensia Ocean in the south, North Sumatera in the east and Trumon and South Aceh Regency in the west.

Regency of Aceh Singkil is divided into 10 subdistricts, 23 Mukim, and 190 villages. There are 10 subdistricts in Aceh Singkil, namely Pulau Banyak Subdistrict, Singkil Subdistrict, Simpang Kanan Subdistrict, Kuala Baru Subdistrict, Kota baharu Subdistrict, Suro Subdistrict, North Singkil Subdistrict, Danau Paris Subdistrict, Gunung Meuriah Subdistrict and Singkohor Subdistrict.

Main commodity of Aceh Singkil is from agriculture sector and services sector. Main commodity of agriculture sector is plantation sector with commodity of oil palm, cocoa, coffee, coconut, cloves and patchouli; agriculture sub-sector with commodity of corn and cassava. Main commodity of services sector is tourism, nature and culture tourism.

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