Sunday, April 24, 2011


"Simeulue Ate Fulawan", or in Indonesian "Simeulue Berhati Emas",
describes the openness and friendliness towards visitors in Simeulue. It means "Simeulue With a Heart of Gold".

Simeulue has a lot to offer; beaches, islands, caves, forest, wild life, surfing, diving and even two lakes and a waterfall. There are traditions and culture; performances such as Debus, Nandong and Nanga-nanga.

Simeulue Regency consists of many islands. Besides the big Simeulue (100 km long) there are many more smaller beautiful islands with inviting beaches and great waves for surfing. Simeulue has a great tourism potential. Besides all the attractions, it is also easy to go there.


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