Sunday, April 24, 2011

Iboih (Teupin Layeu)

The beach area near Pulau Rubiah has become known as Iboih. Teupin Layeu is a more exact name. Here we use Iboih. This area has more of a backpacker family feeling than Gapang. Besides diving, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing the area is also nice for walks, either north to the next beach and Km 0 or south along the path to Lhok Weing.

The island Rubiah just outside is worth a visit. There are even a few bungalows on the southern end. It is possible to swim over, but only if you are a good swimmer. Use fins and remember that the current in between can be very strong. Don’t do it alone. Otherwise, go by boat.

KLKP View information at the parking lot is owned by a tourism community group. They arrange boat trips, motorbikes, bicycles, snorkeling equipment etc. Internet is available at the dive shop.

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