Monday, June 13, 2011

Napangga Lake

Napangga Lake is located in District Tanah Putih 70 km from the city Bagansiapiapi, precisely in the upper Batang Slum Village, Tanjung Medan borders and Rokan Hulu regency of North Sumatra Province. Napangga Lake Area of 500 hectares, has a natural charm that is very beautiful. Lake Napangga is unique, because according to legend, this lake is a haven king in ancient times, and in this lake arowana fish species living Sumatra that cost quite expensive. Not far from this region live the people Banai, one of the native tribes in Rokan Hilir. The road to the location of Lake Napangga almost all been in the asphalt, making it easier for us to get to these attractions.

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