Monday, June 13, 2011

Krueng Raya

Krueng Raya is 35 km from Banda Aceh is a region name. In the area there are port named “Port Malahayati” used frequently Banda Aceh people to cross to the island of Weh (Sabang). Finally disabled the port after the port of Ulee LHE enable a more stately built (but the same were destroyed by the Tsunami). Krueng Raya, including areas with the worst damage due to Tsunami can be reached within 30 minutes from Banda Aceh.

In this area is also very famous with its beach named Ujong Batee, where in addition to its beautiful beaches also have a quite magnificent restaurant that serves food that is typical of the famous Crab Aceh Besar, Windu Shrimp, Oysters, Turtle Eggs, and a variety of seafood and agricultural other. Ujong Batee beach itself is located about 17 km east of Banda Aceh. The beach is covered with dense pine trees is a patron of the visitors when a hot day so it is quite comfortable to relax. Ujong Batee in Ujung Batu Aceh language means, perhaps the name was given because of the beach that we can immediately see the other side of the island of Sabang

Besides Ujong Batee, in Krueng Raya also has named Lamreh tourist area, this area is an area that was once barren hill, but has now planted with various trees. From here we can see the beautiful sea panorama as seen in the picture on this page.


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