Saturday, May 21, 2011


Payakumbuh is one from seven districts in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Locate at north east of Bukit Tinggi city, it is about 0°10? – 0°17 of south latitude and 100°35? – 100°42′ of east longitude, with area about 80.43 KM square. Payakumbuh city are producing of agriculture product, such as; paddies, palm sugar, cattle and milk for West Sumatra province.

Payakumbuh city divided into three sub district, which are; West Payakumbuh sub district, East Payakumbuh sub district, and North Payakumbuh sub district. There are many tourism destinations in Payakumbuh city.Payakumbuh is also known as galamai city (a traditional food made from coconut palm and flour). It has also a flying duck races, a unique and funny sport, and you can make a city tour by bendi/ a horse cart

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