Friday, April 22, 2011

Lau Kawar

Lau Kawar Lake covers 200 acres. This lake has a charm that is no less beautiful than the Toba which have. Lake water clear and calm, and cool weather, is the first speech when it reaches the lake.

Small rafts of new fishing pulled over along with the sinking of the sun is an exquisite charm. The gentle ripples of waves breaking their shadows. In addition to the clear water and calm, hedge trees around the lake is the charm. In the midst of incessant clearing the wild, there are still conserved forest.

one of the attractive charm in the offer for travelers in lau kawar, is a service speed boat ride around the lake that is able to carry 15 people.

Lake Lau Kawar Gugung Kuta Village, Kecamatan Simpang Four, Karo District, North Sumatra is one of two lakes in the area of the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL), other than Lake Marpunge. This lake is one of the main gate of the climbers to reach the top Sinabung which has an altitude 2451 meters above sea level. So far, the highest mountain in North Sumatra is one of the favorites for mountain climbers. In addition, Deleng (hill) Lancuk around Lake Lau Kawar can also be charming tracking path for the traveler who does not want to bother climbing Sinabung. And the terrain around the lake could become a favorite place to stay to put up tents during the climb to Sinabung.