Sunday, April 17, 2011

Karo Highland

Karo Highland

Tanah karo is a beautiful place in Indonesia. Tanah Karo is a highland located. Tanah Karo is a sub-province which located in Province North Sumatra led by a regent which domiciling in capital of regency that is Kabanjahe with distance around 78 km from Medan city. Tanah Karo has some beautiful place like Berastagi, Tahura, Sipiso-piso, Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, Louser hill, Sibayak and Sinabung Mountain, Kabanjahe, Gundaling, Tongging, Sipiso-piso,ect..

Lingga village

In this village there is a 250 years old traditional Karo house called “Rumah Siwaluh Jabu” where 8 families used to live peacefully together. The materials of the traditional house are made from round wood poles, planks, bamboo, and palm fiber without using any nails or spikes. It was designed and constructed by ancient architects. It is 15 km by bus or local transportation from Berastagi to this place.

Serdang village

In this village is a 150 years old traditional Karo house called “Sepuluh Dua Jabu”. It was occupied by 12 families. There is another one called “Siwaluh Jabu” occupied by 8 families. The building materials used in these traditional houses that can be found in Desa Budaya Lingga village. The distance from Berastagi to this place is 15 km, and can be reached by public transportation. There are other traditional houses that can be found in Desa Budaya Barus Jahe 15 km from Berastagi. Desa Budaya Dokan, 23 km from Berastagi, and Desa Budaya Peceren, 1 km from Berastagi.

Guro-guro Aron

Guro-guro Aron is a traditional Karo ceremony which takes place every year in the planting and harvest seasons in villages of Simpang Empat, Munthe, Tiga Binanga, Juhar, Payung, Kuta Buluh, Tiga Panah, and Lau Baleng. Its purpose is to cause their fields to have fertile plants and an abundant harvest and to build good relationship among the families. Guro-guro Aron is a traditional attraction with pairs of singers and dancers from each of five family clants of Karo Land.

Erpangir Ku Lau

This is ancient cultural practice that has become a sacred activity for the Karo people. Erpangir Ku Lau is a bathing ceremony in the river and there is also a ritual of giving offerings so that the Almighty God will bless them. It is still carried out in some places for wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, and ceremonies for preventing evil diseases.

Perumah Begu

Perumah Begu is a cultural ceremony where a witch doctor is able to call the spirits of the ancestors to possess his/her body in order to communicate with them so that he/she can know what will happen in the future and it is also done out of his/her longing for them. This ceremony is still occasionally carried out in some places.

Erdemu Bayu
It is kind of wedding ceremony in Karo culture which is holy and sacred involving many agents from the bride and groom, Kalimbubu, Anak Beru and Sembuyak. In Karo weddings, the bride’s family becomes part of the groom’s family and the groom’s family has to pay a bride price to the bride’s family.