Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guruh Gemurai waterfall

Guruh Gemurai waterfall located in the District of Kuantan Mudik (Lubuk Jambi), precisely in the Kasang Village. You can reach it by private vehicles and public transport. The distance from the Taluk Kuantan mother of Kab.Kuansing City about 25 miles to Kiliran Jao (West Sumatra-Riau border). You will pass Lubuk Jambi Traditional Market, and found two forked road, choose the left with uphill road, this area is called the village of Koto (Ate Kote), past the little winding road, five minutes drive you will get to the Kasang Village, and get on Your trip in ten minutes, and then you will meet with the gate to the right of the highway that reads Objek Wisata Air Terjun Guruh Gemurai.

One of the districts in Riau, Kuantan Singingi district is not only famous for its cultural attractions such as the Pacu Jalur but also its natural attractions. One of the leading natural tourist district is Kuantan Singing is Air terjun Guruh Gemurai or Guruh Gemurai Waterfall. Guruh Gemurai waterfall is very convenient for you who like a waterfall. Guruh Gemurai is a name derived from the local language. Guruh is the sound of thundering waterfalls. While Gemurai is the sound of splashing water scattered. So construed Guruh Gemurai is a thunderous waterfall and have a spark.

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