Sunday, April 24, 2011

East Coast (Sumur Tiga)

Pantai Sumur Tiga on the east coast of Pulau Weh is during western season the best beach on Pulau Weh i.e. app. the second half of the year. For long it was kind of forgotten and only visited by locals living in the area and a few foreigners who knew about its solitude and good snorkeling.

The corals are not as good as in the Iboih/Gapang area; however when it comes to the fish there are no complaints. Dolphins are often sighted further out at sea. Two new resorts have been built here during the last year, both with tastefully designed bungalows, international food and good service.

What is known as Sumur Tiga is a short stretch of beach, but in reality the beach stretches from Iemeulee and two miles south, thereby forming the longest beach on Pulau Weh. Sumur Tiga means the third well. There are actually five wells along this beach. The first well (Sumur Satu) is south of Iemeulee (meaning trickling water) in the beginning of the beach.

After the second well (Sumur Dua) and all the way to the far to the far end the land behind the sand beach is steep and the trees give a lot of atmosphere and shadow for those who prefer.

At the third well, i.e. the Sumur Tiga itself, is the bungalows of Santai Sumur Tiga. At the forth well (Sumur Empat) is a Japanese bunker built with forced labor during WWII. Almost at the far end of the beach, is the fifth well (Sumur Lima). Here is the bungalows of Casa Nemo. By now you should be able to count to five in Indonesian.

A bit further down the coast beyond Sumur Tiga is Ujung Kareung with more bungalows. The east coast has some nice sand stretches in between rock formations. It can be nice to explore the coast with snorkel, mask, and fins. Check up the current before you start. The road south is good until Anoi Itam, a popular place amongst locals on weekends. It has a black sand beach, a big Japanese bunker and reportedly nice corals. There is a new up-market resort here called Rasa Seni. There are several nice coffee shops out of the way along this road.

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