Monday, April 18, 2011



Bengkulu is the capital of Bengkulu province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. There is no direct international flight to Bengkulu; you have to take a flight to Jakarta and then take another flight to Bengkulu. Driving will take about 20 hours with magnificent views along the way, but since the road conditions are not very good and considering you will have to drive through jungle with hilly and winding roads, it will be too risky for inexperienced drivers.

Bengkulu Province is easily accessible by land and air transportation. You can catch regular buses from Medan, Padang or Jakarta. There are daily direct flights (3 times a day) from Jakarta only.

There are also several van travel that ply the route between Padang and Bukit Tinggi toward Bengkulu City and the journey. Many drivers tend to use long journey via Muara Bungo and Sarolangun rather than using the coast road (Muko-Muko and Painan) 'absolutely with better view and scenery'. So better ask the travel counter before handling with any purchase or else it will be a tiresome journey afterall.

Also in Bengkulu you can visit this :

  1. Tikus the alluring Island
  2. Fort Marlborough
  3. Tabut Festival
  4. The British Cemetery
  5. Thomas Parr Monument
  6. Hamilton Monument
  7. Soekarno's Exiled Residence
  8. And many more... please visit and check it... do the joice